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The Equal Protection Clause applies directly to State governments and to the Federal Government through the Due Process Clause of the 5th Amendment.

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Although no Equal Protection Clause guarantee technically applies to the federal government, equal protection concepts are applied to the federal government .

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the provision of the Fourteenth Amendment quartering citizens the equal protection of the laws. This clause has served as the basis for the civil rights of African .

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Start studying AP GOV KEY CLAUSES. ... Contracts Clause. no state ... Equal Protection Clause (14th Amendment) ... Establishment Clause (1st Amendment).

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The Equal Protection Clause applies when a law classifies people into different categories for any reason. Laws that on their face classify persons according to a  .

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Definition: The right of every person to equal protection under the laws and equal ... Sentence: The equal protection clause has protected such groups as African .

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Chief justice warren (Intangible issues foster and maintain inequality. Separation is in violation of the equal protection clause because it creates an inferiority .


b. INTENT TO DISCRIMINATEIn order to trigger strict / intermediate scrutiny, you must prove that the government intended to discriminate. If NO intent can be  .

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