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... that binds a man and woman in a spiritual union; the spouse is a companion and life partner with whom to tread the divine path of Sikhi.

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Guru Amar das just explained four stages in which one finds lord. These are fourstages one has .

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Laavan by Anantvir Singh Ji Sydney Smagam Oct 2014Duration: 35:07. NZGurbani 6,966 .

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The laava phere (singular laav) are the four hymns of the Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding ... tells of the four spiritual stages of married life and how the couple as a team have to first begin by following the path of righteousness and sinlessness.

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Lawa (Anand Karj) English Translation .... Lawa Path, Gurbani of Sri Guru Ram Das ji was initially intended towards explaining ... Chit aounda ae mahi da pyar !

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I have found the site very informative, have always been trying learning {Sikh (to learn).} This is my first posting, and would like to get some.

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Jis da ditta khavna tis kahiye sabas. Gratefully thank the Great Giver. Sikhism is a way of life (Jivan Siksha), in which we have to discharge our dutyDharam .

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