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There is also cytoplasmic DNA freefloating in eukaryotic cells. These are also circular and normally contain short copies of chromosomal DNA sequences. Their function is not well understood. In prokaryotes, some species of spirochaetes and bacteria have been found with linear chromosomes.

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In prokaryotes, the circular chromosome is contained in the cytoplasm in an area called the nucleoid. In contrast, in eukaryotes, all of the cell's chromosomes are stored inside a structure called the nucleus. Each eukaryotic chromosome is composed of DNA coiled and condensed around nuclear proteins called histones.

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Most of what we know about the chromosomes of prokaryotes have been obtained from ... Chromosome consists of double–stranded circular DNA. Prokaryotes do not contain nucleus or other membrane bounded organelles.

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A prokaryotic chromosome is circular and resides in a cell region called the ... Eukaryotes frequently have multiple types of chromosomes with many more base  .

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Prokaryotic Chromosome vs Eukaryotic Chromosome. Prokaryotic Chromosome. • Found in ... Circular chromosome attached to the inside of the cell membrane.

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Typical prokaryotic cells contain a single circular chromosome. Eukaryotic cells, with their much larger genomes, have multiple, linear chromosomes. The length .

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2.1 Single and Circular Chromosome; 2.2 Multiple Chromosomes ... to have a single, circular chromosome in comparison to the eukaryotes, which ... ends must have some kind of protection so that intracellular nucleases do .

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A chromosome is a DNA molecule with part or all of the genetic material (genome ) of an .... The prokaryotes – bacteria and archaea – typically have a single circular chromosome, but many variations exist. ... The genes in prokaryotes are often organized in operons, and do not usually contain introns, unlike eukaryotes.

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However, single cell eukaryotes (say yeast) still have linear chromosomes with telomere caps. What advantage did linear chromosomes .

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