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Ready to start casting, here's a setup guide for OBS! ... Recommended bitrate for 720p: 18002500. Recommended bitrate for 480p: 9001200 ... We don't recommend users going above 60FPS for any game. Use Quicksync: If .

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Download Best Obs Settings For 720p . 2 Best Obs Studio Settings For 1080p/ 720p 60fps/30fps . 4 How To Stream On Twitch! Best Obs .

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What are the best OBS Studio settings for Twitch? ... is 2,400 Kbps – so I'm going to downscale my resolution to 720p, or 1280×720, which I can .

How To Get - The Best OBS Studio Settings - 720P or 1080P?

You may already have seen or tried out couple earlier articles that are here in my blog also for 720p and 60FPS streaming. They work really .

6700k for 1440p 144hz gaming and 1080p 60fps streaming/recording

6700k for 1440p 144hz gaming and 1080p 60fps streaming/recording ... problem ) I tried to stream on 720p 60 fps and record 1080p 60fps with OBS but ... Downscale that in OBS Studio (the old OBS is no longer supported) to .

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OBS Studio streaming with NVENC at 720p 30/60fps Tutorial. OBS Bitrate and Quality . Best OBS Settings for Streaming on Twitch in 60 FPS.

720p 60FPS Stream (OBS Multiplatform) : Twitch - Reddit

Ok so I understand that it is not ideal to stream at 60fps as a non partner because it requires a higher bit rate... I also understand if you were.

Question / Help - Best way to Stream & Record on OBS Studio with ...

Can any experts on streaming or OBS Studio recommend the best. ... should put the OBS settings to 720p and 30fps if I'm understanding this right? ... 1080p 60fps can't be achieved on Twitch IMHO the bitrate cap of 3500kbps .

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Obs Studio Streaming Settings For Twitch (720p) ... tutorials you want then let meknow and ill .

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