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School timetables are extremely important for a variety of reasons. They ensure that no teacher is scheduled for too many backtoback classes .

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Types of timetable depend upon the nature of activities carried on in a school. The more the number and variety of activities, the more the types .

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1 SCHOOL ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT TYPES OF SCHOOL TIME TABLE By: Irshad 2 Master timetable This time table gives a .

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to function. The values of the school timetable may be enumerated as follows: 1. ... necessity for every type of school and its vital importance cannot be denied.

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A school timetable is a table for coordinating these four elements: (i) students .... The timetable will considerably depend upon the type of school. A different type  .

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Different members of a school have different work order sections. As a result, they have to maintain their own time table. The headmaster has a .

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Primary school typically has timetables, however the timetable is ... such as China and East Africa, high school students are not given any .

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